Russia, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Spain: the news on the Angelini Centenary from around the world.

19 September 2019

The appointments of the last two weeks in Moscow, Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest and Barcelona took place under the banner of the Angelini Centenary with balloons, blue and white posters and many surprises.

Sales Meeting in Barcelona, Spain, September 5.

The countdown towards the Centenary has begun in Spain. The annual Medical & Pharmacy Representatives Meeting in Barcelona was a gourmet dinner at the El Serrat del Figarò restaurant: all staff, including office staff and representatives, tasted the creative dishes of starred chef Nandu Jubani and assisted to a fantastic surprise ending: a sweet and extraordinary surprise by the famous pastry artisan: Escribà.

A huge and delicious mural-cake, 5 meters wide and 3 meters high, with the Angelini’s centenary logo and claim as its central element; around it a mosaic of hundreds of sweet chocolate lollipops, personalized with the logos of all our brands.


Vienna Business Run, Austria, September 4.

The Vienna Business Run this year hosted, for the Centenary, an Angelini stand with balloons and white-and-blue posters where Angelini coworkers hung their wishes for the future. The dinner was at Wolke 21, where the Logo was presented as well as a multimedia collection of the most important accomplishments of the Angelini Group in the last 100 years.


Hotel Ózon Residence in Mátraháza (Budapest), Hungary, September 2.

Celebrations for the Centenary were announced also in Hungary, during the meetings at Mátraháza. For the occasion were collected video interviews where some of Angelini coworkers explained what it means for them to work at Angelini. In the next month, interviews with Group stakeholders and partners will be published by December in one short film together with the first set of interviews, as a greeting card from Hungary.


Hotel Ramada Plaza in Bucharest, Romania, September 2.

All news related to the Group’s 100-year anniversary were presented during the first day of the Bucharest meetings, starting with the Angelini 100 Logo and a multimedia collection of the most important accomplishments of the Angelini Group. All coworkers participated in a contest where they were able to show their knowledge on Angelini and their graphic skills by redesigning the Angelini 100 Logo. At the end of the meeting all participants were gifted with a box of Angelini gadgets.


National Conferences, Moscow, Russia, August 29-30.

Celebrations for the Centenary took place during the second cycle of Angelini Pharma Russia National Conferences, where the Virtual Game and the “Angelini 100 successful activities” – ” project was proposed as a part of the charity activities in Italy for the centenary –  projects were presented, to share together the Group’s successes.

Desserts and gifts were handed out, decorated with the colors of the Angelini 100 logo.

Angelini, in the future since 1919