100&Beyond! Three scientific seminars to talk about the future of Pharmaceuticals with Angelini RR&D

15 ноября 2019

Science, technology and development are three appointments organized by Research, Regulatory and Development departments at Angelini Pharma, to celebrate the Centenary

The cycle of seminars organized by Angelini Pharma RR&D (Regulatory, Research and Development) celebrating Angelini’s Centenary took place between September and November at the Santa Palomba Auditorium, to share some of the crucial aspects of innovation in the pharmaceutical field.

Each seminar examined one of the three main phases of R&D (Research and Development) with the participation of Italian and international experts, who attended event.


Science Driven Innovation is the title of the first seminar, focusing on scientific innovation and the evolution of research in the pharmaceutical field in the last 100 years. Experts recounted anecdotes and success stories on high-level scientific approaches, from the first “trial and error” method to the more rational models of contemporary research.

Technology Driven Innovation is the second event in “100&Beyond!” and tackled the issue of applying technology in the pharmaceutical field. From the development of new solutions for drug administration to the new technologies for MRI scans, to the virtual clinical trial and new technological advances in the use of stamina cells.

Person Driven Innovation, third and last seminar of the cycle, deals with personalized medicine and the development of increasingly specific solutions for small groups of patients and individuals, and the treatment of patients suffering from rare diseases.

Events were available both in presence and remotely as a webinar.

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