ACRAF between World War II and the post-war period



First Angelini Logo

The creation of ACRAF

In 1941, Anfera is dissolved and Francesco Angelini founds ACRAF, an acronym for Aziende Chimiche Riunite Angelini Francesco (Angelini Francesco United Chemical Companies), whose main activity is producing and distributing drugs.

The first years of the war see the Angelini companies develop further in selling medicines.


Ancona Plant - Via Flaminia

Reconstructing the factories in the postwar period

In 1946, Francesco Angelini prepares a plan to reconstruct his factories, which had been damaged by bombing, and manages to obtain loans from some banks, bearing witness to the great reliability of his projects.

Furthermore, to overcome delays due to the lack of construction materials, he takes over a furnace, which begins working exclusively for his company.

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