Research and Innovation



Laboratory photo

Angelini invests in research and development of its own molecules and synthetic pharmaceutical substances

Thanks to significant investments, production begins of the first original molecules from Angelini’s pharmaceutical research: oxolamine (anti-cough), benzidamine (anti-inflammatory), trazodone (antidepressant) and dapiprazole (anti-glaucoma).


First Advertising Lines Oro

Lines, the baby boom hero

In the heart of the baby boom, Angelini, through Fater, revolutionises our country’s health and hygiene market, introducing Lines disposable nappies to the market.

The name Lines is chosen because it recalls linen, used until then to make cloth nappies.

In this way Fater creates the nappy market for children: goodbye to uncomfortable cloth nappies, thanks to new “disposable” Lines nappies.


Lines Idea

Lines changes the habits of Italian women

Thanks to Fater, Angelini starts producing feminine absorbent hygiene products, still under the Lines brand, forever changing the habits of Italian women.