Francesco Angelini

The foundation of Angelini

It is 20th December 1919 and the 32-year-old pharmacist from Marche, Francesco Angelini, together with his two partners Ferranti and Magrini, sets up a company to produce and sell medicine, based in the Palombella district of Ancona where his pharmacy is located.


ANFERA (Angelini e Ferranti Farmaceutica)

The first example of an integrated business

In 1922, after Magrini’s departure, the company is named ANFERA (Angelini and Ferranti chemist-pharmacists).

Anfera develops an efficient network for distributing medicines directly in pharmacies in central and southern Italy.


ANFERA (Angelini e Ferranti Farmaceutica)

ANFERA, the first distributor of medicinal oils in Italy

In 1939, ANFERA becomes the first distributor of medicinal oils in Italy.